On this website I warmly welcome all who realize the importance of movement in everyday life and at the same time have a healthy attitude about it. I work with the idea that movement is necessary, especially if a large part of the day is spent in a sedentary way, but on the other side, it is not good to overdo anything.

My goal is to provide quality services focused not only on the movement. I also focus on overall health, which certainly does not mean only the great condition of musculoskeletal system. My guarantee includes taking the individuality of each person into account, as well as to devote maximum effort to the fullness and diversity of each session. But the power of motivation of each client is equally important. Therefore, before you decide to take the path of cooperation, remember that without adequate participation from you, it is not fully possible to achieve the desired objectives, for example slimming down, getting rid of back pain, or increasing general fitness.

The wise human knows that one cannot expect results, if one does not start to do anything for oneself. The wise human also knows that if one works on something every day, he or she is able to achieve even the seemingly impossible. Whoever is determined to start working on oneself, I will be happy to assist!

I look forward to working with you!



exercises for optimal body measurements –

The fitness sessions are focused on reducing body fat. Fats have a completely irreplaceable function in the human body and therefore their presence is crucial. A deficit of fat leads, among other things, to irritability, fatigue and depression. A certain quantity of fats, specific to each individual person, is absolutely necessary for one’s life. If their level is exceeded, one struggles with being overweight or even obese, and it is necessary, in the interest of the health, to initiate weight loss. It usually requires not only the inclusion of appropriate physical activities, but also dietary changes and often an adjustment of the daily routine.


preventive exercises for health and wellbeing –

The exercises are aimed at compensating for a sedentary lifestyle. Most modern people sit for the overwhelming part of the day – at a computer, in a car or public transport, in front of TV or at meals. This lifestyle, however, often brings more harm than good. It negatively reflects not only on the physical body (pains, overweight, poor posture, aesthetic plainness of certain body parts…) but also on the psyche (nervousness, insomnia, loss of concentration, decreased sexual desire …). Regular and proper exercise relieves muscle imbalance, which sooner or later causes pain and discomfort, and by extension other problems. It also contributes to the improvement of muscular strength and endurance, to an increase and subsequent maintenance of the condition and finally has a very positive effect on the emotional balance and access to oneself.


exercises for full motion –

The whole body needs regular exercise, but it is often necessary to focus on the parts which have low mobility or are experiencing pain. Today many people suffer not only from backaches, but also from aches in other parts of the body. Therefore, the aim of these joint exercises is to concentrate predominantly on the specific muscle imbalance, which may be one of the root causes of annoying and limiting pain. A parallel and equally important product of such regular workouts is the extremely positive impact on the psyche, which, especially in the case of the persistent pains, suffers greatly. Exercises are often done mostly passively, with the help of the trainer.


–  harmonizing exercises for body and mind –

The unique exercises aimed at self-awareness. Through yoga positions called asanas, along with conscious breathing (pranayama) and fullest concentration of mind (meditation), all sorts of mental and physical limitations are removed, leading to a full life. It also includes so-called passive exercises (exercises with help), often with light massage, that together help to dissolve the body blocks. The entire healing process is supported by nice relaxing music and verbal accompaniment. Ayuryoga simultaneously provides us a unique opportunity to help ourselves. The prerequisite for this type of exercise is a calm atmosphere, so it is carried out in the completely private premises, where only the trainer and the client are present.



–  intensive massage treatment –

This unique technique is always applied with warm oil, preferably sesame, which has the ability to seep deep into tissues and also to eliminate mental blocks. Due to the beneficial effect of the heated oil in combination with an intense massage, articular capsules, joints, ligaments and tendons relax and muscles are perfectly stretched.

A quality dátá snéhan massage leads to relief from long-lasting pain, increase in range of motion of joints, the removal of metabolic waste products deposited in the muscle tendons, elimination of fatigue, regeneration of skin and tissue, improved immunity and whole body harmony. This technique often helps even in cases when conventional physiotherapy is not enough. It can be therefore described as the curative method. It is highly advisable to combine dátá snéhan with the steam bath (svédan box). It helps to strengthen all the beneficial effects.


–  full body relaxing therapy –

This is a pleasant full body massage with warm sesame oil that has deep detoxifying, relaxing and regenerative effects. It positively affects the nervous and lymphatic system, relieves tension and stress, and has a beneficial effect on the skin, especially with dryness. Relaxation is supported by the use of hot stones, candles and scents. The therapy finishes with sweating in the steam bath (svédan box).


–  steam sweating bath –

This is the special steam bed made entirely of pure wood. Its great advantage is a unique construction  which provides the steam only on the body, while the head is completely outside of the box. Unlike conventional saunas or steam rooms, one can breathe without any problems. There is no undesirable overheating of the lungs, head or brain. This is especially useful for cardiac patients, asthmatics, people with respiratory difficulties, and also for those, who simply do not like the classical sauna or steam.

The whole body gradually warms up, pores open, the toxins leave, the oil from previous massage is absorbed, stiff tendons, ligaments and joints relax, body and skin rejuvenate, psyche calms, and a pleasant state of relaxation is induced. The beneficial effect of the whole procedure can be enhanced by the use of herbs.


–  rejuvenating oil bath-

This is a very nice treatment with a deep relaxing, soothing and detoxifying effect on the whole body. It is performed on a specially designed table on which one is poured with warm oil. Particularly suitable if one has problems with muscle stiffness, chronic pain, needs the deep warming up of the whole body or relaxation. It also has the great effect on the quality of the skin, for cellulite problems, and tissue regeneration. It has a significantly positive effect on the psyche and thus, among other things, greatly improves quality of sleep. It is implemented in four basic positions, possibly in several others – according to the problems in the body. The procedure is followed by a roughly half-hour rest with listening to relaxing music.

For an adequate effect it cannot be performed only once, but always at least 4-5 treatments within approximately one month. After the treatment it is recommended to leave the oil on the body, therefore it is advisable to bring old clothes.



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